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Channel Letters
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Del Rey Channel Letters


In business signage, channel and dimensional letters remain at the top of the list of the most popular and downright exceptional sign types. They offer a classic, clean, professional look that can be customized even into very dynamic and lively aesthetics.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignThe versatility and timelessness of this signage type are unparalleled. But for it to be an effective promotional tool for any business, it must be professionally designed and manufactured according to the company’s specific needs. Let Fresno Sign Company, a top-notch signage company, be your partner in obtaining ideal Del Rey channel letters for your business, and you won’t regret the investment that you will have made.

We are excited to receive your call requesting the channel letters you need to boost your business. We aim to deeply understand your company and your brand for us to create the best product design possible. We are dedicated to working with you regardless of needing help building a visual brand from scratch or if you already have an existing design blueprint just waiting to be turned into reality.

We promise only to obtain our materials from the most trusted suppliers, ensuring that the Del Rey channel or dimensional letters you will get from Fresno Sign Company will be highly durable and long-lasting. This will let people know that you invest in your marketing tools and are, therefore, serious about your business. Regardless of your budget, we will employ the same amount of quality in products and services.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Our Del Rey, CA sign company’s channel letters make striking storefront signs due to their simple yet versatile characteristics.

Custom Channel Letter SignMade of individually crafted three-dimensional blocks, channel letters can be customized into any look that perfectly expresses a business’s brand. They can showcase texts, logos, images, taglines, and anything visually represented.

In installing channel letters, you can choose between attaching each unit first to a backing frame which will then be attached to the wall, or directly securing the pieces against the building surface. You can also modify each block with any design you want, with variations in color, opacity, material, and lighting. Any modification you wish to make to these letters can be done at Fresno Sign Company. We value the unique essence of each business we work with, so we ensure they have all the options available for personalization.

We are ready to give you expert advice based on our experience, helping you determine how to use personal channel letters for your business objectives effectively. We can provide a catalog of previously successful projects and design options to fuel your creative imagination as you decide on your signage.

Channel letters are popular among businesses like retail shops, public spaces, office buildings, and shopping centers. But their use is universal because of their simplicity in look that can be modified into even the most dynamic designs.

Dimensional Letters

If you’re going for channel letters that blend well with your building’s front surface while maintaining a clean yet professional and classy look, dimensional letters are the product that we recommend.

Storefront SignChannel letters and dimensional letters are almost similar in look and structure. They are both made of individual elements secured together. However, while channel letters have hollow bodies, dimensional letters are solid throughout the body. They are created by working on one solid block of material, typically acrylic, aluminum, or metal. The individual units are commonly attached to a panel and incorporated with backlighting for an alluring touch.

Dimensional letters have a lot of customizable features and specification options. You can have our work on their sizes, dimensions, fonts, thicknesses, and even opacity. You can choose to have a three-dimensional look or a more flat form. If you want to use them for indoor signs, you can have us visit your business area so we can help you determine the best location for them in your interior.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Channel letters and dimensional letters are already beautiful on their own. But if you want them to keep standing out and promoting your business even in low visibility situations such as storms and nighttime, you can incorporate backlighting, internal lighting, or any external lighting onto them.

Lighted SignWe are ready to analyze your business situation, location, budget, and other essential factors to help you figure out the best illumination to apply to your letter signs. Regardless of whether you want to use them for outdoor or indoor usage, we will find the best illumination type for your channel or dimensional letters.

Don’t worry about all the electrical work and safety issues involved. We have third-party electrical experts who can guarantee the security of these products, ensuring that they are correctly installed, organized, and linked to your existing electrical system.

Backlighting or internally illuminated channel signs are among our most commonly recommended products for lighted letter signs. They are very versatile in design and form.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Del Rey Channel Letters sign company 1 300x146 Sometimes, flashiness and colors are not the best way to grab the attention of your target market. Sometimes, simple yet precise, elegant, and classy Del Rey channel letters will do the trick with much less effort and funding.

Let Fresno Sign Company help you achieve the best letter signage for your business. We are excited to receive your call and finally discuss your options. We are here to offer every service and product you will need for all your signage needs as a business. Our team of highly-seasoned experts is dedicated to optimizing your business’s promotional capacities through Del Rey channel letters and virtually any other signage product available in our industry. You won’t regret working with Fresno Sign Company!

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